First New Intercity Railway Station Since 19th Century

HS2 has unveiled designs for landmark railway stations in the Midlands. The detailed drawings show what is planned for stations at Curzon Street in Birmingham and the Solihull Interchange. HS2 consultants WSP UK has teamed up with Grimshaw Architects for the Birmingham design. Arup is working with Wilkinson Eyre Architects to design the Interchange station.

Birmingham’s Curzon Street station will be the first brand new intercity station built in Britain since 19th century. It is scheduled to open in 2026 and also provide the city centre with a new public space.

HS2 station to integrate with tram network

The new station will integrate with an extended tram network in Birmingham. In addition, it will include bus, pedestrian, taxi, cycle and rail connections to the city centre and beyond.

Neven Sidor, Lead Architect at Grimshaws, is reported to have said: “HS2’s new Curzon Street station is inspired by the best station design of the past, inspired by Britain’s pioneering railway and industrial heritage reimagined for the 21st century.

“The elegant sleek low arch which will make the station instantly recognisable in the surrounding area and its warm coffered soffit will join the growing list of modern Birmingham icons.

“The West concourse will have the ambience of a modern airport terminal with both platform and waiting areas included in the grand arched space. The East concourse has been designed to include the historic Curzon Station building as part of a revitalised New Canal Street scene.”

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