Personalisation and Manufacturing: The Next Big Thing?

Personalisation has taken the B2C and B2B ecommerce markets by storm. But any business serious about succeeding needs to embrace customisation. This is because consumers want products that meet market demands. A trend started in online stores is set to impact manufacturing. At NWS-UK Limited, we are following the growth of personalisation and manufacturing carefully. Our products have huge advantages over traditional materials because they are so versatile.

With manufacturing rooted in non-customised goods, personalisation may sound like a challenge. But experts predict customised products are the way forward. Not only will it ensure supply meets real demand, it will improve efficiency. While volume may initially pose concerns, experts predict there is much to be gained from adopting personalisation in the manufacturing sector.

How you can personalise your manufacturing business

Most manufacturing business in the UK have invested in systems that allow them to be flexible. They should be thinking of personalisation as an extension of this. How can you deliver customisation without reducing volume?

  • React to change quickly
  • Offer more product variations
  • Produce products that meet emerging trends in fewer numbers but more varieties
  • Be prepared for full line reconfiguration

Manufacturers can reduce costs and increase flexibility through automation, where possible. They can use relevant data to stay one step ahead of market changes.

PVC sheet and personalised manufacturing

Our products are used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. PVC sheet can be processed using a multitude of methods. This makes it a flexible material for a flexible market. Our PVC sheet is commonly used as safety glazing in products and in the manufacturing of furniture and structural design products such as exhibition displays and signage.

We operate across the UK from our base in Yorkshire. As a trusted bulk distributor of PVC sheet, we offer trade accounts and expert technical advice and support. NWS-UK Limited is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products.

If your manufacturing business is adapting to change and wants to lower costs but not standards, talk to us. Find out more by emailing or visit our website.

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