Boom in Construction Robots to Hit £300m

The construction industry worldwide is set to invest over £300 million in robots over the next seven years. A new report, published by Z Research, expects the figure to be hit by 2025. The study focuses on existing data as well as predictions for growth. It took into account market sizes by group to reach a projected total.

So, where are robots currently being used most in construction? According to the study, in demolition. It accounted for at least 90 per cent of the market in 2016. The boom in construction robots is potentially good news for the UK. It is one of the countries developing new technologies for construction – at a time when our own construction sector is facing huge skilled labour shortages.

Innovation fuels growth in construction robotics market

Automation in the construction industry is meeting labour shortages worldwide. In Japan there will be 1.28 million fewer construction workers by 2025 compared with 2014. In 2015, some 30 per cent of all construction workers were aged over 55, while those below 29 accounted for only about 10 per cent. The UK is braced for a further drop in skilled labour when the UK leaves the EU next year.

The construction robots market was valued at $200mn US$ in 2017. It is projected to exceed £300 million by the study. It used 2017 as the base year and 2018 to 2025 as the forecast period to estimate the market size.

PVC sheet market

NWS-UK Limited is one of the UK’s fastest growing bulk distributors of PVC sheet. From a base in Yorkshire, it supplies trade customers across the country. It has been following the automation of construction with interest. A spokesman said: “Robotics is certainly a very interesting and attractive prospect for a sector that faces a huge shortage of skilled labour. We’re not sure how many firms will invest in technology in the immediate future, but long-term it is probably going to be a measurable part of the construction industry.”

NWS-UK Limited is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products, manufactured in Germany. Its high quality, low cost business model is helping trade customers increase profits and sell more.

For further information, visit the website.


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