Why PVC Sheet is Changing Interiors

If you supply construction firms, are a cladding installer or manufacturer, PVC sheet will be a staple material. But its uses are growing as the demand for innovative building techniques grow. PVC sheet is not only easy to install, it is versatile. At NWS-UK Limited, we have been charting how PVC sheet is changing interiors.

Long considered the ideal material for cladding projects in environments that demand high levels of hygiene, PVC sheet is now the product of choice for those who require high-impact aesthetics. We stock coloured PVC sheet because of increased market demand. This ties in with the growing importance of colours in branding and marketing.

PVC sheet creates the right ambience

Non-toxic, easy to maintain and low maintenance, PVC sheet is increasingly used to create ambience with colour. It can be used to build the wow factor into customer-facing spaces. Not only that, it can promote outstanding hygiene while supporting branding goals. We stock rigid PVC sheet and foam products in a huge range of colours to reflect growing demand for choice.

Brands like to replicate a particular ambience across the business. PVC sheet deliver this requirement. Our products are widely used to clad ceilings and walls and to create displays and structural design features.

Lowest price PVC sheet on the market

At NWS-UK Limited, we are proud to offer the highest quality PVC sheet at the lowest prices. That is because we have developed our range working closely with our German manufacturer. In fact, you will only find the products we sell from us. We are the sole distributor of CladPanel PVC sheet products made in Germany.

To find out more about our bulk distribution business, visit our website. If you would like to enquire about opening a trade account or want to compare our prices to your current supplier, email sales@nws-uk.co.uk


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