Safety Glazing for Skylights and Casings

If you manufacture skylights, casings, balustrades or use safety glazing in a manufacturing process, connect with us. We’re NWS-UK and we sell crystal clear PVC sheet. Our plastic sheeting is used as safety glazing in a wide variety of applications. You will find it in structural design as well as products that require an alternative to glass.

Our vandal-proof clear PVC sheet has high light transmission. It is widely used in outdoor design elements, including signage. This is because it is weatherproof and highly durable. It is also impact resistant and shatterproof.

Why choose NWS-UK for safety glazing?

Our clear PVC sheet is the best safety glazing you will find. It is rigid and tough. You can process it using a wide range of methods and be sure it is suitable for industrial applications. Specifications include:

  • A smooth high-gloss finish
  • Clear with high light transmission
  • Protective film on both sides
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Impact resistant
  • Recyclable

We stock clear PVC sheet in two safety glazing sheet sizes and a range of thicknesses. Our bulk distribution service is ideal for manufacturers, installers and trade suppliers. We deliver our clear PVC sheet to locations across the UK. Orders are processed the same day and we aim to make deliveries within 36 hours.

Clear PVC sheet uses

Our clear PVC sheet is used as machine covers, in signage, for skylights, casings, balustrades and many other applications. If you want to know more, visit our website for the full options, including sheet sizes. As a bulk distributor, we stock this product in huge quantities. Our prices are the lowest you will find.

NWS-UK Limited is known for supplying the best quality clear PVC sheet. We have built our reputation on high standards. That is why we source all our PVC sheet products from a global leader in PVC sheet manufacturing. That manufacturer is based in Europe and all our PVC sheet is made in Germany. We are the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products, a role we are proud of.

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