Profit Margins the Focus for Construction Sector

Leading construction companies say they are focussing on profit margins. They fear business will flatten as the UK leaves the European Union and grapples with a skills shortage. NWS-UK Limited is one of the UK’s fastest-growing bulk distributors of PVC sheet. It is ready to help construction firms lower costs while maintaining high standards.

Its product range has been developed to meet demands at a time when the bottom line is everything. Leading corporations have been quick to point out the challenges facing the construction industry. Galliford Try predicts its business will flatten as it hones in on profit margins. It is not alone. Many construction businesses are focussing on increasing profits without chasing huge growth.

Galliford Try has won contracts worth millions of pounds, including a £31m project at Durham University.

How NWS-UK can help

NWS-UK Limited is the only bulk distributor in the UK supplying CladPanel PVC sheet products. It has worked hard to deliver the highest quality materials at the lowest prices. It has specifically geared its business to meet the challenges facing the UK constructor and other sectors. The company’s warehouse stocks 15,000 sheets of rigid, coloured foam and clear PVC sheet.

Behind the scenes, a huge effort is under way to ensure the construction industry has the skilled workers it requires. Training organisations are looking at how innovative materials and their applications are shaping the future.

At the recent WorldSkills UK Construction Round Table meeting, it was agreed that a ‘twin-track approach to skills’ needs to be maintained. Technology and innovation was at the core of the discussions.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about NWS-UK Limited and what it can do for your business, visit the website. Alternatively, call 0333 121 1216.

For a no obligation quote or to enquire about opening a trade account, email

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