Diverse Range of PVC Sheet Products for Manufacturing

NWS-UK Limited’s diverse product range includes the highest quality PVC sheet on the market. The Sheffield-based business is helping UK manufacturers to lower costs and overcome challenges in the run-up to Brexit. Used for a wide range of applications, its rigid PVC products are a popular hygiene solution. It also distributes coloured foam PVC sheet and clear PVC sheet.

The CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet is used in manufacturing as well as for decorative purposes and wall and ceiling cladding. Only available from NWS-UK Limited, it is setting new standards in PVC sheet.

Manufacturing and innovation

A spokesman for NWS-UK Limited said: “Manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to remain competitive ahead of Brexit. They are embracing innovation and productivity and our products help with that. Manufacturing is also focussing on the future of exports, sustainability and energy. The sector is especially concentrating on the reduction of costs.

“What we are offering is world-class products at a price that helps manufacturers remain competitive. With the UK’s departure from Brexit just six months away, more and more businesses are reviewing who they do business with. We expect to attract and retain more customers from the manufacturing sector during this period.”

Helping the manufacturing sector to grow

NWS-UK Limited says it is committed to supporting growth in manufacturing. The spokesman pointed out: “There are clear indicators that many in manufacturing see Brexit as an opportunity as well as a challenge. Our job, as a bulk distributor, is to help manufacturing grow by keeping our costs down and the quality of products supplied high.”

NWS-UK Limited supplies PVC sheet from half a pallet upwards nationwide. Most orders are delivered within 24 hours. To enquire about opening a trade account, email sales@nws-uk.co.uk The company provides free, no obligation quotes and all the technical support you need.

For further information, visit the website.


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