How to Jump Start Your PVC Sheet Business

If you stock materials for trade customers, you are a B2B firm with huge potential. B2B sales globally are increasing. That is why it makes sense to review your product range. We can help you jump start your PVC sheet business.

Stocking PVC sheet may be a small part of your overall business. But, did you know, this highly versatile material is in demand? You can sell more by ensuring you stock accessories. Giving your customers more choice will boost sales.

Is you PVC sheet business going elsewhere?

Take a look at your PVC range. Does it offer customers a choice of colours? Do you stock matching profiles and trims? What about adhesives, rivets and other essentials?

If your customers can’t find everything they need to complete a project from your business, they will go elsewhere. By ensuring you stock a wide range of products, you will increase customer loyalty and increase sales.

Talk to NWS-UK Limited

We’re NWS-UK Limited and we are bulk distributors of PVC sheet. We stock a huge range of white and coloured PVC sheet, as well as crystal clear PVC sheet. On top of that, we stock matching profiles and trims. In fact, we stock everything your customers need to complete a project.

Our product range has been developed to ensure our customers can offer their clients the best possible service. It ensures you can meet current and future demands. What’s more, all our products are high-quality and cost-effective.

We deliver nationwide and accept bulk orders of half a pallet upwards. To enquire about opening a trade account, email Want to discuss our low, low prices? Send us an email or telephone 0333 121 1216. We are happy to provide no obligation quotes.

Our full product range can be view on our website.

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