Cladding Installers Benefit from PVC Sheet Boost

A significant drop in migrant workers has opened up new opportunities for cladding installers. At the same time, cladding firms are benefitting from a PVC sheet boost. Construction companies, developers and organisations are increasingly contracting out cladding installation. And there is a B2B business in the UK facilitating improved profit margins for cladding-focussed brands.

NWS-UK Limited is helping cladding installers rise to the challenges posed by Brexit. It is ensuring they can source the highest quality PVC sheet at the best possible price. NWS-UK Limited is a nationwide bulk distributor of PVC sheet products. It is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products, some manufactured to its own, stringent specifications.

Why NWS-UK for PVC sheet?

Cladding installers recommend NWS-UK Limited because its products offer value for money. They also help contractors achieve the highest standards while increasing profit margins. NWS-UK Limited has the right range of products. It sells a huge selection of rigid PVC sheet, along with profiles, trims and accessories.

It also stocks crystal clear PVC sheet and coloured foam PVC sheet.

Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, NWS-UK Limited operates a distribution network spanning the entire country. It is recommended for its no-hassle ordering system, trade accounts and low, low prices.

A spokesman said: “We are here to support distributors and trades who use PVC sheet. Whether you are a PVC sheet supplier or a bulk user, we can help you source the best products at a really great price.”

How your cladding business can benefit

If you want to reduce your overheads and impress customers with great cladding products, talk to NWS-UK. This is where you can apply for a trade account, ask for a no obligation quote and benefit from free technical advice.

For further information about NWS-UK Limited, visit the website. For trade account enquiries or for a quote, email

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