How Food Manufacturers Can Lower Costs

Today’s news makes depressing reading for anyone in British manufacturing. Manufacturing growth in the UK has hit a 25-month low. Trade wars and continuing uncertainty over Brexit has fuelled the slump. But, if you run a food manufacturing business, you can reduce overheads and increase productivity with one simple product. Want to know how food manufacturers can lower costs?

According to reports out today, the UK’s manufacturing PMI fell to just 52.8 in August. That is down from 53.8 in July. NWS-UK Limited is a bulk distributor of PVC cladding. It is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products. It helps food manufacturers meet stringent food hygiene regulations while lowering the amount of time spent on cleaning. Its hygienic cladding products are effortless to keep totally spotless.

Bulk distribution to the factory door

If you want to make a sensitive environment easier to manage, talk to NWS-UK Limited. It can deliver hygienic PVC cladding to the factory door, anywhere in the UK. It accepts orders from half a pallet and offers trade accounts.

Maintaining high hygiene standards is easier when walls and ceilings are protected by an easy to clean surface. CladPanel makes light work of common hygiene risks in food processing and storage areas.

Huge stocks of PVC cladding for food manufacturers

At a time when manufacturing needs a shot in the arm, NWS-UK Limited offers quality hygiene products at low, low prices. This means you can transform an area and make it much easier to clean, freeing up staff time to be more productive.

NWS-UK Limited offers free, no obligation quotes. Its warehouse in Yorkshire stocks no less than 15,000 sheets of PVC claddings at all times. Stocks are replenished weekly.

To enquire about a trade account or for a quote, email

For product specifications and further information, visit the website.


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