Looking for a Low-Cost PVC Sheet Bulk Distributor?

If you want your business to realise cost benefits of changing suppliers, talk to us. We are NWS-UK Limited, the sole distributor of CladPanel products in the UK. Not only that, we are a bulk distributor that supplies the highest quality PVC sheet products at the lowest prices.

Our customers recommend us because we make ordering PVC sheet – even in huge quantities – really simple. That’s not all. We distribute PVC sheet across the country. That means we can supply distributors, contractors and cladding installation firms quickly and efficiently.

Bulk distribution of PVC sheet

Many businesses use our bulk distribution service because they benefit from our products. Our materials allow them to offer top quality PVC sheet while increasing profit margins and remaining competitive. We stock three types of PVC sheet:

  • Rigid
  • Coloured foam
  • Crystal clear

They are used across multiple sectors, including the cladding and construction industries. We supply trade outlets, manufacturers and developers, along with other bulk users of PVC sheet.

Partnership aids best price PVC sheet

Our customers don’t just like our low, low prices. They love the quality of our PVC sheet range. We are in a unique position to provide an excellent service. That is because we have partnered with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PVC sheet. Based in Germany, it supplies top of the range products.

Our prices are low purely because we buy PVC sheet in massive quantities. In fact, our stocks never fall below 15,000 sheets. We maintain high stocks to ensure large orders can be met quickly and efficiently.

NWS-UK Limited

Find out more about opening a trade account with NWS-UK Limited by emailing our sales team at sales@nws-uk.co.uk

For information about our PVC sheet products, including specifications, visit our website. Any questions? Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.


#lovepvcsheet – Find us on Twitter.



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