CBI Demands Action to Keep Construction Sites Going

The Government has today come under pressure to revise its post-Brexit immigration plans. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says, without changes, construction work in the UK could grind to a halt. It is calling on the Prime Minister Theresa May to have an “honest and open debate” about a new migration system.

At NWS-UK Limited, we will be following developments very closely. Our customers rely on flexible staffing solutions. They often cannot find the skills they need close to home. Our ‘take’ on this breaking news story is that the CBI is right to call for greater debate on migration – and sooner rather than later.

The CBI says the UK cannot afford to be left with a system that wraps workers up in red tape. In particular, it is worried about non-EU visa rules.

Foreign workers’ contribution to UK construction

In a new CBI report, Open and Controlled, there are calls for a “shifting away from controlling numbers to assessing contribution and by investing in local public services where demand has been increased by migration”.

It wants to “replace free movement with an open and controlled immigration system for EU workers”.

Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, said: “The needs are more complex than only ensuring that the UK can attract the ‘brightest and best’. Housebuilding needs architects for design, labourers to dig foundations and electricians to help finish the job.”

The report highlights how overseas workers fill roles across a range of skill levels. They include:

  • General labourers (40%)
  • Technical and vocational skilled tradespeople like carpenters (11%)
  • Plant and machine operatives (7%)
  • Bricklayers (8%)
  • Architects (16%)

About NWS-UK Limited

We are bulk distributors of PVC sheet. We supply trade outlets, developers and directly to construction sites. Our nationwide distribution service provides premium PVC sheet products for a wide range of applications, including wall cladding.

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