Why PVC Sheet is a Great Alternative to Glass

If you are undertaking a renovation project and want to give a kitchen or commercial area a great look, have you considered PVC sheet? It is a stunning alternative to glass and has many benefits. Our PVC sheet is increasingly used by DIY enthusiasts keen to take on large projects.

Why do tradesmen and DIYers like our products? It’s simple – they are cost-effective and lightweight. Unlike glass, our PVC sheet won’t break during installation. It is super-easy to cut and really durable.

Benefits of PVC sheet

There are lots of other reasons why our PVC sheet is in vogue. It is shatter resistant, comes in a range of lengths and thickness, and is easy to clean. That’s not all. PVC sheet bought from us is chemical and moisture resistant.

The big bonus is that PVC sheet is cheaper than glass. You can also mould or shape it to create truly unique aesthetics. What’s more it is a breeze to trim to size.

Choose PVC sheet for versatility

Our PVC sheet is versatile. It can be used for a multitude of different projects, across multiple sectors. We stock rigid, coloured foam and crystal clear PVC sheet. We deliver it in bulk to any location across the UK.

While commonly used for hygienic wall cladding and for advertising signs, our PVC sheet is increasingly used as the modern alternative to tiles. Many developers have recognised the benefits of installing PVC sheet in kitchens and bathrooms.

Who are we?

Oops! Didn’t we say? We are NWS-UK Limited. We are based in Sheffield but are nationwide distributors of PVC sheet in bulk. Our customers include trade supply outlets, large organisations, public bodies and even individuals.

If you have got a project in mind, why not consider PVC sheet? This is a material that is easy to work with and looks great.

Want to know more? Contact us for a no obligation quote and free technical advice.


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