Sell PVC Sheet from Your DIY Outlet

PVC sheet is popular because it is versatile. Do you sell PVC sheet from your DIY outlet? Perhaps you offer a limited range but are shopping around for a bulk distributor with a wider product offer. You may even sell a good range of plastic sheet but need a better wholesale deal.

Whatever your current situation, talk to NWS-UK Limited. It can enhance your product offer with high-quality PVC sheet made to its own specifications. NWS-UK Limited is partnered with one of the world’s leading manufacturers. It is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel PVC sheet. This partnership and huge stock levels mean NWS-UK can offer the best PVC sheet at the very best prices. Options include a range of rigid sheet, coloured foam PVC sheet and crystal clear PVC sheet.

Add PVC sheet to your trade range

If you are wondering why your DIY business should sell PVC sheet, here are some of the top reasons:

  • It is a fast-selling product
  • It is used across multiple sectors
  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to work with
  • It offers a good profit margin

There are lots more reasons why your business should sell PVC sheet. The number of trades using this material is growing all the time. Rigid PVC sheet, for example, is widely used in construction and is a staple of the cladding installation sector. Restaurants, hotels and others use it for kitchen splashbacks and more.

How your business can sell PVC sheet

Interested in adding PVC sheet to your product range? NWS-UK Limited delivers orders across the UK. It has its own transport and also works with trusted distribution partners. For a no obligation quote, email

Also use this email address to enquire about opening a trade account. For further information about NWS-UK Limited and a more detailed breakdown of its products, visit the website. This is where you will find specifications and other technical information.

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