Why Our PVC Sheet is Used in Sensitive Environments

Safety is everything at NWS-UK Limited. That is why we only sell PVC sheet that meets the highest standards. Our PVC sheet is used in sensitive environments. As well as being manufactured from high-quality materials, our PVC sheet is safe. In today’s blog post, we will throw a spotlight on some the features that make our products stand out.

All plastic building products in the UK are required to meet safety standards. Tests have to be carried out not just on the materials but on the materials in specific applications. This ensures that a product is fit for purpose.

PVC sheet that is non-toxic

Our products are used in premises where food is processed. They are also widely used in schools, universities and hospitals. That is because they do not contain toxic materials. In fact, our PVC sheet is often used as a hygiene solution in high-risk areas.

We stock CladPanel plastic sheet, manufactured in Germany. It is extremely low maintenance and easy to keep clean. In environments were food safety is important, it makes compliance with regulations effortless.

PVC sheet that is highly fire resistant

All our PVC sheet has a Class 1 fire rating. This means it meets criteria set out in part 7 of BS 476. During testing, a flame in the product did not travel more than 165mm from the site of ignition. The test period was 10 minutes.

NWS-UK Limited works in partnership with the world’s leading PVC sheet manufacturer. Based in Germany, it meets and exceeds product safety guidelines. We are the sole UK distributor of CladPanel products.

PVC sheet at the best price

Our PVC sheet products are very competitively priced. That is because we buy our plastic sheet in huge quantities on a weekly basis. Selling in bulk of one or half pallets, we can help our clients improve standards while lowering costs.

Want to know more? Visit our website. If you are shopping around for a competitive PVC sheet supplier, email sales@nws-uk.co.uk for a no obligation quote.

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