Hospital Hygiene Solution Offers Public Protection

Hospitals are breeding grounds for bugs. Not just because they house those who are sick. Visitors pose huge hospital hygiene problems. That is because many areas of hospitals are high traffic areas. Think about corridors, wards, operating theatres and bathroom facilities. Thousands of people pass through hospitals every day.

Imagine how many people touch walls, cough or knock food or fluids onto surfaces. Cleaning surfaces in high-risk areas can be tricky when a building is busy 24 hours a day. That is why it makes sense to ensure they can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Hospital hygiene you can trust

Smooth surfaces make sense in hospitals. That is because bugs too small to see with the naked eye find it hard to cling to slippery surfaces. Cleaning a smooth surface properly takes much less effort and is quicker than tackling a rough or damaged surface.

Painted walls, for example, are notoriously hard to clean. Even coated walls can flake or peel. That is why more and more NHS and private hospitals are discovering the benefits of PVC sheet. It is the low-cost, low maintenance and durable hospital hygiene solution that enhances hygiene by aiding the cleaning process.

Bulk supplier of hospital hygiene solutions

NWS-UK Limited is the sole UK distributor of CladPanel hygiene wall cladding. It is used in hospitals across the UK. It safety seals hard-to-clean surfaces away. CladPanel aids the cleaning process. A two stage clean with air drying can take just minutes. Perfect for washrooms, corridors, wards, operating theatres and busy reception areas, it looks good too and has a Class 1 fire rating.

Economical and durable, it can be ordered in bulk and delivered quickly to any hospital site in the country. If you are planning a new hospital build or are refurbishing a hospital, talk to NWS-UK Limited.

For a free quote, email Alternatively, visit the website.

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